Beneath the Surface

To share or not to share? That is the question...

The answer is YES, share! Speak friends! Talking and expressing our way through this journey will eventually give way to organically discovering what is beneath the surface of our emotions.

“I was angry at my Mom for leaving me,” said founder Helena Bates of Heartthrob Access.

Did you know at the root of anger is actually hurt? Therefore, I invite us to be angry! And dare us to be hurt! Now, ask yourself, is it possible that these two emotions can co-exist? Most certainly!

After all, it is not about being angry, but what matters is what we do with that energy. “I realized, I was in this exact space during a conversation with my sister,” said Helena. “My sister said well, it was not our Mother’s choice to die,” Helena said, which never occurred to her until being in that moment. 

Yet, what was uncovered next would be impossible without words. It was Helena’s moment of truth: she was both, angry AND hurt. When we give ourselves permission to fully open up to experience the lows as well as the highs of the grieving process, growth is inevitable.

Now, whatever the situation or whatever the case, let us grow together friends! Every heart has a story. Share yours!

In Light,
Jasmine Cobb, LMSW, CGCS

Jasmine Cobb:

Licensed Master Social

Worker and Certified Grief

Counseling Specialist.

Facebook: @visualhealingts

Instagram: @visualhealingts

TikTok: @visualhealingts


  • This was a great Blog! Helen’s mom was one of my best friends/ neighbor/classmate! I understand her pain and I’m glad she was able to put this thing in perspective! The T-shirt explains it all..good job Helena. You’ve made your mother proud ❤❤

    Teresa Bell Dilworth
  • This is a great first blog !! Thank you for sharing . ♥️

    ~~Bonnie May 31, 2021

  • I love your first blog. ❤ This will help alot of people. I love it 😍

    Katherine Parker
  • Great first blog. I can relate. I understand. Thank you for sharing.


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